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[Music] hi guys my name is Alice I go by hello Alice here on YouTube and I’m here today if you share a sketchbook with you so this is going to be a sketchbook tour so this is actually going to be a tour of my sketchbook and some works relating to it that I did for my thesis in college I just graduated from recommend College of Art and Design with my degree in 3d animation I do also have a bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Colorado State University in graphic design and painting so I have two degrees this is my second but they are both bachelors because I want to be a concept artist I focused most of my theses on concept art and I had a whole story that I came up with and I did all the concept art for the short animation that I would create from that story so this is the way that I presented it for my thesis show and it’s in this like nice leather-bound binder from Target however I did a sketch it in a sketchbook like this this is the original sketchbook because that is gone now however this is the same brand it’s by our alternative it is an 8 and a half by 11 inch sketchbook spiral-bound with 80 sheets of 75 pound paper and they are perforated so you can take them out really easily I really like the sketchbook it’s really good for doing like big large sketches in it and I still do a lot of work in used to have a sketchbook this is my personal one so like I said I put this all in the binder so this was for my thesis show so I’m going to go ahead and show you what is inside okay so as you can see over here I have the art of adventure sketchbook this is just something I printed out with some kind of faint images sketches in the background just to introduce the sketchbook and if you open it up over here on the right page I have my storyboards for the story so the basic gist of the story is you see this girl she’s running through a forest she’s running through lava fields she’s battling a dragon the dragon type monster creature there’s another little girl that the dragon-type monster creature has captured or appears to have captured and she could basically go through this whole adventure you see her who she is at the crevice and here is the dragon and she is fighting the dragon and then she throws the sword away and the dragon chases after the sword and she rescues the little girl and as she’s rescuing the little girl the monster has come back and is trying to get her attention and in the process of getting her attention accidentally sends her and the younger girl flying into the crevasse which point is fades to black and I don’t have a storyboard for this part of the story but basically it turns out that they’re in their living room and playing they are two sisters the monster was their bulldog puppy and he had gone chasing after the wooden swords they were using like it was a stick so it’s kind of about sisterhood and imagination and all of that good stuff so yeah these are my story boards I did using graphite with just a brush pen I believe it was yeah this brush pen the pigment SB these are really nice but they do get frayed really easily and kind of stop youth loops using your ink so I don’t know anyway um after these storyboards I have the start of my characterization for the eldest of the two children so her name is Tilly she’s kind of the main adventure character and I just kind of started playing around with some stuff so figuring out her outfit here more outfit stuff over here I wasn’t sure at the style that I wanted her and I just knew what she looks like so I kind of started playing around with just doodles of her in her natural habitat trying to figure out how her style was going to look so I originally started with this guy right here and as you can see she’s super super short she needs to be taller cuz she’s actually older and I kind of came around to these guys and this was sort of the finished style that she was drawn in and that her character design sheet was drawn in so yeah I really like this one she’s like preparing to fight and I don’t think any of these have color but she has pink hair this was me trying to get motions and none of these looks like her except for this one this is upside down sorry more little sketches just kind of figure out her character and then this is Abby so Abby is the younger sister and this was me trying to figure out her face messing around with hairstyles we ended up going with this one although I do like the other two I think they’re cute again this was before I had settled on a style just kind of breaking it down into really really simple shapes I wanted her to have a much square face than Tilley still trying to break stuff down trying to figure out how I was going to draw her eyes on her nose so as you can see there’s a lot of that over here and again more face work this is where I really found her character on this page there’s always like one page where I feel like I found their character and this was that I was drawing until it felt right and this is what felt right to me especially these three right here I was like that’s Abby that’s Abby so after I kind of had her character a little bit more this was some more refined sketching based on her actual like proportions and style so this is her with muffin who is there a little puppy and muffin doesn’t want to go for a walk and they’re best friends and they’re watching the sunset and she’s giving him cuddles and it’s just really cute so over here I have some prop design this was for Tilly’s sword so Tilly obviously has a sword throughout and I was just trying to determine whether was go to the classical sword or more like a three musketeers type sword I played around with a lot of different styles and designs Celtic knots and all of that and then we move on to muffin on the monster I’m really bad at drawing animals so this was definitely hard for me trying to figure out how to draw a dog you face up as a bulldog puppy this is his butt from his final character sketch it’s just on the back of the sword sketch though that would be good a decision but again I was trying to figure it out he’s really wrinkled here and I liked it but I wanted it more simple this was playing around with different facial expressions how does a dog express emotion kind of thing and also how his muzzle on bottom jaw connected when his mouth was open that was really hard for me to figure out more stuff I think he looks more like a pug in some of these iterations and the end is sort of like a bulldog pug mix more playing around with face and how I was going to draw his face and then this is where I started family figuring out nothing and how muffin works and how I was going to draw him up in so this is muffin sad in the rain because the rain is hitting him on the head and he said and then this is his final character design front be inside view you already saw the back view at the beginning I do apologize for the glare on these pages by the way because they’re in these little please so then we move on to the monster and the monster is muffin muffin is a monster and so obviously I wanted to base it somewhat off of a bulldog and I wanted to me tough talk doglike characteristics and tendencies but I was also looking at dragons and lions in terms of anatomy so I started out here and this was before I figured really much of anything out this was some of the first stuff I did um I started with silhouettes and started trying to figure out where I was going to go from there this was the root of everything although I do still really like this then I went to here where I really liked these sketches but I felt like he looks and here he looks too wise and like grandfatherly fatherly almost and also I felt like it was going to be really hard to consistently draw him and he was very detailed and more close to a realistic proportions and I wanted it to be more simple simplified and stylized this was figuring out the anatomy of him so this is his skeleton that I drew based off of dogs and lions and then I took the skeleton and I drew his musculature structure over the top again I think this was heavily heavily based up as a lion and then this was the last thing which I drew over the top of the skeleton and the musculature and this is essentially the outline for how he worked in his original iteration so after that I decided to really start pushing myself stylist Stickley and trying lots of different weird angles and shapes and trying to simplify his design to see kind of what came out of it though things got really spiky and ima and then really curvy but right here is where I found him this sketch is where I found him and I was like hey you’re here and there were still a couple changes from the sketch in terms of the placement of the horns I think changes because they became problematic but this was where I really found him as a character then I started drawing him in various different positions based off of dog activities so chasing his tail looking his bit chasing the tail again and then even simplifying even more trying really skinny wrists and all of that to figure out his character and as you can see his his horns have already started moving back but in the final design they move all the way back here to his upper temple so you can see here they’re on the front of the face and here they’re on the side of the face and that’s just because they became too much of an issue when he has to do things like eat or catch a sword with his mouth but I do really like this stuff I really like how his character design came out he cute little dude this is him numbing on a bone and it’s the people bone but he says raw fear me I’m cute and more stuff with him so the last couple pages I have are just some preliminary sketches for some ideas for final concept art some of it was finished so it was never finished but this is a sketch of chili this is a be like in the caves waiting for the monster this is an idea I had as a monster being in a cave and this was a sketch it’s really fine so you can’t really see it for a be sort of lost in the forest looking up and I did do all of these sketches and colored pencil if you couldn’t tell I really enjoyed throughout this whole process sketching in colored pencil and then even going over and darkening the lines with a different color or darker colored pencil it made a lot of sense to me and I was able to really work things out and then get more detail over the top in the darker Kyle and now it’s that’s the primary way I sketch I also really liked it you didn’t smudge graphite everywhere so that is that sketchbook but I’m going to show you a couple finished watercolor flash squash pieces from this that I do have so the first one you guys have seen already and I can’t fit it all onto my camera so I’m just going to kind of do this and this is something I did on my channel it’s the first time I ever tried wash things are definitely off here Abbie Tilly is way too old their Anatomy is really off as you can see her face is sort of like a mask on her head which is huge I wasn’t really happy with how the monster turned out how a muffin turned out right here the sword is a little weird but as you can see I mean his final design was ready by the time I painted it because his horns are all the way back here but this was just like a really quick sort of expressive piece I was getting a little stuck on stuff and my teacher wanted me to kind of do something like a painting to try to get out of some of the issues that I was having and it definitely helped so that was this guy then I have this piece which is a watercolor piece which I’m actually really happy with even though it’s relatively simple it’s watercolour on watercolor pencil and it is basically a concept art piece of the canyon that the monster lives in so up here is the lava field and where Abby was being kept but this is from the floor of the canyon and yeah I just like this piece the next one I have I’m not really sure on the composition definitely is a little locking but whatever it is the monster all asleep in his cozy little cave I’m definitely happier with this now than it was when I first started it this required a lot of reworking so yeah this is watercolor watercolor pencil I’m prismacolor colored pencils with some ink lines so yeah little monster asleep inches covers and the last thing I have to show you is the one that I am probably most happy with and this is a little addy she is lost in the woods it was a really good chance for me to experiment with the environment all the world and figure out how I was going to do it stylistically I really wanted a simple stylistic approach to things and so this was really fun I also got to play around with weird colors there’s a lot of weird colors in my thesis I really love playing with colors so Abbie until we both have purple Abbie has purple hair until he has pink hair there’s a lot of Purple’s Pink’s and oranges throughout so this was fun to be able to make the trees pink okay so I just rose I do have a few more little sketches or finished pieces rather so this was based off of a sketch that you guys saw in the sketchbook this is a be pulling muffin who doesn’t want to go on a walk I did two of these so I did that one and then I did this one which I liked a little bit better this is again a B and muffin and they’re just sitting there looking at the clouds in the sky and it’s peaceful little scene of a B and muffin so the last one that I have to show you is this guy and I’m going to zoom in real quick so this is what I was trying to figure out the forest and I was trying to figure out what kind of colors I were to use and the style that I wanted to use and I ended up leaning towards this one although in that picture of a bee of the forest is pink and here it is more blue and ghostly I don’t know but yeah this was fun I really like this actually like these four little vignette kind of scenes so I totally almost forgot this one but I do also have this I’m not happy with this to be honest the paper was not taking paint the way I wanted it to this is a stress more think four or 500 series and it just was breaking down the paint was blurring really badly I just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do but I thought I would show you guys it anyway this was a larger version of the sky and it’s just crazy because this was on a different paper this was on the finale a paper that I adore just a difference using the same colors and the same paints in the same technique was just mind-blowing to me so paper is important people but I thought I would show you guys that because you know it’s not awful and it does kind of show the mistiness of the forest and this would be the scene when Tilly is emerging so there was originally going to be Tilly in the center with her sword kind of silhouetted coming out there so that is my thesis sketch book and some of the works that I did for my thesis I hope you guys liked it let me know if you have any questions down below about my thesis or animation school or anything like that I would be happy to answer them so yeah thank you so much for watching I hope that you guys like this video don’t forget to subscribe hit that notification bell if you want notifications I do upload every Friday come during the Wunderland sound we would be happy to have yes we have a lot of fun and yeah thanks for watching and as always have a great rest of your day bye guys [Music]

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