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0 of 20Injuries aren’t any stranger to soccer, together with the more competitive athletes’ are, the more prone they are to picking a nagging wound that cost them some opportunity to recuperate. If it has to do with accidents there is the good (injures a player can walk away and return), the poor (accidents which make a player need to be subbed off), and the horrible (accidents that might make them jump a match or maybe a few to recuperate ). But, there is a fourth set to injuries: the completely awkward and odd. A few of the accidents on this list have come around from on-pitch shenanigans, although others have come from mad antics from it. Listed below are 15 goofy gaffs that can go down into history as a number of the most famously foolish accidents in the background of the English Premier League and English First Division. 1 20Ah, the joys of kids. David Batty will definitely not forget the memories of the son’s younger years. And more than likely he will not ever look at a tricycle the same manner again. While playing for Leeds United, Batty was healing in an already-acquired ankle injury when his recovery confronted a critical setback from his daughter running over on her tricycle. The harm ruined his Achilles tendons out of Premier League Returns with Unusual Strange premier league returns with strange strange antics | Antics | Scotzine the negative for many additional weeks. Talk about a tale for his daughter’s wedding … just two of 20For his legendary and wisdom status, Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t a stranger to the human emotions of anger, frustration and the resultant lashing out. After Fergie’s Manchester United side lost a 2003 FA Cup tie into Arsenal at Old Trafford with a dent, he was apparently so belligerently angry that he kicked a football boot at celebrity player David Beckham. The boot struck Beckham over the eye, causing him to require stitches to close the wound. Lesson learned: do not ever play badly for Manchester United… you could piss off Sir Alex and that he simply hurt you. 3 of 20For thousands of years puppies are man’s best friend, however the storied connection has not arrive with a few betrayals here and currently there. Liam Lawrence will apologize for this. While retreating to the loo late 1 night, Lawrence was unlucky to excursion within the family , sending him hard and spraining his shoulder, causing him to overlook the Potters’ second match against Portsmouth. Can you picture the look on Tony Pulis’ face after he found that narrative for the very first time? And the appearance when he realized he’d have to produce the statement of the injury to the press and tell the story. .

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