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If you are encountering the CMOS Checksum error on an old computer, then you should check the battery. Carefully open the computer case and remove the old battery.

In this scenario, you only have to follow the on-screen instructions. Hopefully, the error gets solved, and you restart your computer successfully. The CMOS checksum error is a standard system error that happens in Windows computers. The error appears when you try to start your computer. And finally in my opinion, Resetting or reinstalling Windows, will not fix CMOS checksum error.

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  • There is no reason for it to be rechargeable.
  • This means it lasts longer than most rechargeable cells would last even being recharged.
  • Kill or injure, no, but a button cell could produce a decent thermal reaction that could potentially damage internal components or the motherboard.
  • There were theoretical indications as early as August 2008 that silicon CMOS will work down to –233 °C (40K).
  • Most CMOS batteries are CR2032 lithium button cell batteries and are not rechargeable.

This error is generated by the bios firmware rather than Operating System. If bios recovery and/or resetting bios to default setting doesn’t fix this problem, try to rollback to the previous bios version which worked good (do this using bios recovery method). If, after following Leon’s advice, the BIOS continues to display the CMOS Checksum Error message, it means that dx8vb.dll you need to replace the CR2032 battery on the motherboard.

I have changed CMOS battery also still this error displays ,plz help me. CMOS uses a battery to store power after you shut down your computer. Generally, the CMOS battery gets faulty after 5years.

If you are thinking you won’t be able to do it properly, then contact a computer technician. Sometimes when you shut down your computer directly from the power button without following the traditional steps of shutting down a computer, it disrupts your computer. That’s why the CMOS Checksum error welcomes you the next time you start your computer.

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